Make life easier by eliminating the need to carry heavy or bulky items up or down stairs or ramps! Whether your home or business is in need of a dumbwaiter, material lift, vehicle lift, or mobile ramp, Advantage Elevator can help you find the perfect solution to fit your accessibility needs. We provide experienced sales, installation, standard maintenance, repair, consultations, and even free estimates for your property’s dumbwaiters or material lifts.

We know that getting your household items or commercial goods from one location to another in an efficient and safe manner is important to you, so Advantage Elevator promises to deliver reliable and professional service for any dumbwaiter or material lift on your property!

Advantage Elevator is proud to provide service for the following dumbwaiter / material lift manufacturers:


A family owned American company that started residential elevators over 90 years ago. No other elevator manufacturer can make this claim. Inclinator provides both Residendial and Commercial dumbwaiters.

Custom Industrial Products, Inc.

Custom Industrial Products is known for being a reliable vertical lift and material lift manufacturer. CIP offers several different material lifts designed to operate at maximum efficiency and performance.


Harmar offers residential and commercial dumbwaiters that feature fast and easy installation, simplified rail systems and equipment, and plug-and-play wiring.


Savaria offers the M-1504 material lift which is ideal for restaurants, banquet halls, retail stores, veterinary clinics and small industrial business. Available in standard or custom-sized platforms.

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