About Us

Advantage Elevator / Accessibility Systems Corporation was founded in 2007. After a fulfilling and successful career in the elevator industry that included every aspect of commercial elevators and residential elevators, the owner saw a tremendous need for an affordable option in the residential side of the elevator trade.

He saw that the wide range of residential accessibility products available would allow people to live longer and happier in the comfort of their own home and so the owner formed a bond with some of the largest and most respected companies in the industry. These products include portable ramps, vehicle lifts, wheelchair lifts, residential stair lifts, and commercial stair lifts for churches, lodges, community centers, etc. and residential elevators, to name a few.

With strong roots in both family and business, Advantage Elevator remains focused on our goal of helping those who wish to stay in their homes or get around the workplace a little easier. We are a small company prepared to help our customers with the often confusing process of selecting the right choice for the best equipment to meet their needs.

From the initial site visit, product selection, licensing and permitting to final inspection and finishing with product use demonstration, our years of experience will bring you peace of mind and an end result that will truly exceed your expectations.

Did You Know?

All elevators and stair lifts are required to have a permit and be inspected by the state! In addition, each lift or elevator must be installed by a licensed mechanic in Washington or Oregon.

Advantage Elevator technicians are licensed, insured, and bonded in both Washington and Oregon states, and all our installers are licensed elevator mechanics, so you can rest easy knowing that we’ve got you fully covered with all local legal requirements!